Sura + Tamas

April 3, 2021 ∙ Cherry Valley, CA


Our Love Story


We met like many couples these days, on the world wide web, or as some remember it OK Cupid. Tamas calls it a true 21st-century romance! Our first date was in Studio City at Laurel Tavern - all we did was talk about our pets, we didn't get drunk and I accidentally ate bacon. If you know us then you know we've had our share of ups and downs...kind of a lot of downs. But in 2019 we purchased our first home together - a major 'up'. And then one morning, after celebrating our first Christmas in our new home...and celebrating new years in our new home...and celebrating new years day in our new home...yeah it was after that on January 2nd (a Thursday I believe) that he popped the question. Well, the rest is history and the future is bright!

April 3, 2021